Nastja Säde Rönkkö: for those yet to be

Upcoming November 2017

for those yet to be is a project (including video, photography, performance and writing) in which I will visit the most fragile places of our planet.

I will visit places and spaces that are already, or are about to be destroyed by humans. I will be travelling to mines, glaciers and nuclear disaster sites. My list includes places such as Chernobyl, Ukraine (nuclear disaster), Bayan Obo Mines, Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China (rare metals used in tech devices etc), Sinsk, Yakutia, Siberia, Russia (permafrost melting, potholes) Greenland/Svalbard/Iceland/Patagonia (glaciers melting), Great Barrier reef, Australia and so on.

In each place I visit, I will perform a one person 'protest' with cardboard signs. Although seemingly employing the language of a political protest, the texts of the signs will be ambiguous/poetic/critical/apologetic messages for future generations, such as: 'The Rivers You Will Not Love', 'We Were Okay', 'Something About Karma', 'The Paws You Will Not Pet', 'The Colours We Changed' etc.