Marjatta Oja: Memory Cell

Past, 30 Oct—6 Dec 2015

Through observation and organisation Memory Cell utilises memory cells, or encapsulated thoughts, to create meanings. The memory cells are videos of Marjatta Oja’s best known situational sculptures. The show is a brutal dissection of artistic work, an artist’s violent editing of her own work at the end of history.

Throughout her career, video artist Marjatta Oja has created three-dimensional situational sculptures using photography, video and objects to represent situations she finds contradictory. Separate layers in front of and behind the screen are central parts of the sculptures that generate a sense of reality with depth and three-dimensionality to the artist, which later enables the sharing of the situation to the viewer.

Memory Cell leaves both the viewer and the artist in a state of free association. Art becomes a medium that infinitely creates new meanings of itself – either as flashes or as longer narratives. Memory Cell is an encapsulation and history, an end point and a beginning of new in Marjatta Oja’s career.

Both Kiasma in Helsinki and Moderna Museet in Stockholm, among others, include Marjatta Oja’s works in their collections.