Petros Aleksandros Paukkunen: Heavenscape at HAM

Past, 6 Dec 2017—4 Mar 2018

Heavenscape — Architecture of Infinity is music frozen into architecture. It doesn't start, stop or describe anything. It just is itself. The sound installation is performed daily at HAM Tennispalatsi.

Heavenscape is a spatial 6-channel sound installation which evokes a more tangible and physical essence of sound. The phenomenon of sound is of spatial rather than temporal nature. Sound is matter. Therefore, one might not necessarily listen to it as a piece of music but rather experience it as an architectural space.

In our time, when even understanding and truth itself is being challenged, Heavenscape compels the listener to expand their experience and concept of seeing and hearing.

Heavenscape has been inspired by the architecture of sacral edifices, fractal geometry, Gregorian and Byzantine chants as well as traditional Arabic music. The piece also expresses the spirituality shared by all cultures. Just as the seemingly different musical traditions around the globe share apparent structural and mathematical properties, so are the religions of the world often connected by the concept of holy, eternity, the beyond and heaven.

One can listen to the work at Ola Kolehmainen’s exhibition Sacred Spaces in HAM Tennispalatsi, Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8. See the HAM website for Heavenscape performance times.